The Tower cafe will offer hot and cold drinks, packed snacks, Kiiu torn and Urdimeister liqueurs, Tower beer and Tower kvass (root beer). 

Cafe has the outdoor terrace for the good weather or the indoor seating for other days. The selection of drinks in Kiiu Tower is unique and special. The beers are crafted at  a local brewery located 10km from the Tower. The herbs for the tea are hand picked in Estonian forests and fields in the central Estonia. For the coffee will be two options: 1 regular coffee  machine. 2. crafted coffee brewed of fresh grind beans. 

Visiting the tower is free of charge, however the donation to support the Tower is very much appreciated. 

The Tower offers the possibility to try mastering medieval weapons such as: Longbow, crossbow and throwing axe. All the activities are 100% safe and good not just for the men but also for kids and ladies. 

The official opening will take place on May 5th. Best time to come is 12.00-15.00 

The free of charge Medieval weapons class will be held and performed by Silex club from Ida-Virumaa. 

Dear travelers!

From May 2024 Kiiu tower is managed by Discover Estonia. After 4 years being closed to visitors the Tower is opening it's doors on May 3rd Friday. From this day the Tower will be opened every Fri, Sat, Sun 9.00-17.00 (9am-7pm)

Discover Estonia is the local tour company managed by Dmitry Saley, a Tallinn tour guide and  tour creator. Our plan is to bring the Kiiu Tower back to life and to attract travelers to this charming corner of Estonian countryside. 


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